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1020 SW Taylor St #630, Portland, OR 97205, USA

Steven Goldsmith, MD

M.D. Board-certified in Psychiatry


I treat individuals mostly, sometimes couples and families as the situation dictates. Among the treatments I employ are individual psychotherapy, in which I utilize models of cognitive-behavioral therapy; strategic, systemically oriented, and problem-solving therapy; psychodynamic psychotherapy; or a combination of these, depending upon the individuals' needs. I can use an Open Dialogues approach for those young people experiencing their first psychotic episodes. I am certified as a Homeopathic Master Clinician and use homeopathic medicine extensively and with considerable success, even for the most serious mental illnesses. I also use chronotherapy (adjustment of sleep/wake cycles and light/dark exposure), proven to be highly effective for mood disorders. I use EFT (emotional freedom techniques), or "tapping" for problems of anxiety and PTSD as EFT can be rapidly and dramatically effective. Some use of supplements, though that is not my emphasis as I believe that some of the other above approaches are more curative.