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22 Hunt Farm Road, Waccabuc, NY 10597, USA

Jan Weiss



Imagine being seen and heard without judgment. Imagine speaking your most private thoughts out loud, and feeling heard and understood.

Psychotherapy is a healing experience because it provides you the opportunity to share your most private thoughts and feelings, safely, and without risk. In this way you get to know yourself more deeply.

If you are stressed, sad, anxious or angry, have low self-esteem, or suffer from PTSD, phobias, or panic attacks, I have the tools and skill to help you. Together we can heal old wounds and identify negative and limiting beliefs that are holding you back and preventing you from being happy, productive and successful. You will develop a more positive and optimistic perspective and an overall sense of well-being. Then you can be comfortable with how you choose to live your life.

My goal is to to offer a safe space that is non-judgmental, welcoming and warm.

Sessions are 60 minutes. Ninety minutes are available upon request.