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Transitions Counseling

Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Professional Counselor GA Nationally Certified Counselor, Distance Certified Counselor (NCC)


I call this practice Transitions, because I believe life is a series transitions from baby to child, child to adolescent, adolescent to teen, teen to adult and adult to midlife and eventually old age. We also transition from school to work, single to relationship, relationship to separation, and employment to retirement. Simply from birth to death, always facing changes in our lines and the world around us. Some of these transitions are easy and some difficult, some to the point of seeming impossible. Naturally, what may be difficult for you may be easy for me and vice-versa. Even as we age we face life challenges we aren't equipped to deal with, this is especially true in childhood. I strive to be a trusted companion to people facing these transitions, especially children helping them find their way to a life they choose, by helping them to develop self confidence, a sense of empowerment, and their own spiritual way of being. I've spent much of my life working with these ideas based on the Christian foundations of my own life, my education, and my own life experience, trying to apply them all to my life and working with others to apply them appropriately to theirs.