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662 Northwest Highway, Mount Prospect, IL 60056, USA

Lynn Barrette, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social WorkerLicensed Unity Teacher and Spiritual CounselorCertified Center for Enlightenment Teacher


I believe we are here to evolve into more conscious, responsible individuals. Blending psychology with spirituality, I work with adolescents and adults, couples and families, dealing with life difficulties, transitions, divorce, relationship healing needs, and parenting issues.

I offer tools for self-discovery, forgiveness, meditation, healthy transitions, healed relationships, and positive parenting. You will learn how to uncover hidden strengths and be on track with your life purpose. I see my job as an educator as well as therapist--teaching you life tools that you can use beyond our time together.

Life challenges arise when we are out of alignment with what is happening within and around us. Our equilibrium is restored as we embrace and adjust to life situations. We are stronger and more capable as we work through our disappointments and expectations, accepting what is ours to do.

I have been a spiritual counselor for over 20 years, and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for nearly 10 of those years. My life has been committed to supporting others with accepting and riding the waves of life's ups and downs.