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190 East 9th Avenue #290, Denver, CO 80203, USA

Noeticus Counseling Center and Training Institute


The staff of Noeticus Counseling Center are pleased to be able to provide you the following services:

- Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy
- Couple/Marital Counseling and Psychotherapy
- Family Counseling and Psychotherapy
- Group Psychotherapy
- Support Groups
Community Classes
Assessment, Screening, and Testing
Educational Trainings and Workshops
Clinical Supervision
- Clinical Consultation

We also specialize in the following areas:
- Managing Depression
- Working with Anxiety
- Healing from Trauma and Abuse
- Recovering from Substance Abuse and Addictions
- Working with Gender and Sexuality Issues
- Coping with Grief and Loss
- Living with Chronic Pain and Illnesses, including HIV and Fibromyalgia
- Supporting Financial Freedom
- Developing Creativity
- Strengthening Relationships
- Exploring Spirituality