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Fort Collins Shopping Center, 925 East Harmony Road #450, Fort Collins, CO 80525, USA

Elizabeth Shuler

M.S. Community Mental Health Counseling, University of Wyoming, 2014 LPCC in Colorado #0013883 PPC in Wyoming #888


I use an integrative approach combining evidenced based mindfulness counseling, somatic counseling, and person-centered counseling to help clients create growth and change and to remember how powerful you really are. Through mindfulness, yoga, and reiki we can live fully in our lives. I also believe our sexuality and sensuality are extremely important parts of our lives and our relationships, so I don't shy away from these topics!

I begin from the assumption that you are not broken! To facilitate growth in counseling, I assist my clients in improving their connection between body and mind. This allows a deeper connection with themselves, others in their life, and their community and environment. For me, counseling is not only about healing and learning a new set of skills, it is also about helping you experience a positive internal shift so you are able to interact with yourself and the world differently. You begin to live your life with truth and purpose. I love creating collaborative, compassionate relationships through compassion, authenticity, and genuine care for others. I feel deeply honored that individuals and couples allow me to be a part of their journey.