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Ryan Kennedy, LAC, LMFT, LPC

Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC); Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT); Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC); Registered Nurse (RN); Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist (BC-DMT); Dialectical Behavior Therapy Certified (DBT-C)


Ryan has a Master's degree in Somatic Counseling Psychology from Naropa University, a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Regis University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Oregon. He has been a psychotherapist since 1993 and a counselor educator and clinical supervisor since 1996.

In terms of training and expertise, Ryan is a Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC), Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Licensed Registered Nurse (RN), National Certified Counselor (NCC), Certified Addictions Counselor, Level Three (CACIII), Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP), Dialectical Behavior Therapist Certified (DBTC), Certified Massage Therapist (CMT), Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist (BC-DMT), Certified Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst (CLMA), Registered Somatic Movement Educator/Therapist (RSME/T), and an Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS).

Ryan's professional background includes extensive work with graduate and post-graduate education, particularly in the areas of experiential learning, contemplative education, spiritual emergence, diversity and multiculturalism, social and restorative justice, creative process work, expressive arts therapies, and body-centered psychotherapy. Other areas of professional experience include critical care nursing, hospice nursing, inpatient and residential psychiatric and chemical dependency treatment, victim advocacy work, domestic violence and sexual offender treatment, and private practice.

His clinical training is in the areas of couples and families, human sexuality, chronic and persistent mental illness, psychiatric nursing and psychopharmacology, trauma and dissociative disorders, addictions and recovery, domestic/family violence, and living with life-threatening illnesses. In addition, he has completed specialized trainings in Gestalt psychotherapy, Jungian psychotherapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), existential philosophy and therapy, the Laban/Bartenieff system of movement observation and analysis (LMA), the Kestenberg Movement Profile (KMP), and several other mind/body disciplines. His doctoral work focuses on personality formation and how it relates to body organization and movement patterning.

Ryan's pedagogical methodology, theoretical orientation, and clinical approach are deeply rooted in developmental, humanistic, experiential, and transpersonal principles and practices. In particular, he holds the foundational ideas of non-dualism, relational attunement, core mindfulness, mind/body connectivity, and organismic self-regulation to be central to all aspects of his work. Additionally, he has a deep appreciation for the dynamic and complex interplay among biological predispositions, early developmental experiences, and current life situations. He sees the importance of how early experiences can shape perception and reality, and at the same time also believes in the power each individual has to make new choices and to create new options in life.