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Anil Coumar, MBBS, MA, LMHC

MBBS, MA. Licensed Mental Health Counselor in WA State.


What is Mindful Inquiry?

Reality cannot be described in words. We know what reality IS very intimately and continuously. Yet we are engrossed and captivated by what is arising in our thoughts from moment to moment and do not pay much attention to the background of “knowing presence”. This sense of aliveness is lost when we are caught up in our interpretations and theories of reality. We interpret and endlessly analyze what is arising in awareness and forget what is right here, right now.

The only thing that blocks us from truly knowing ourselves are our beliefs about ourselves, others and the world. We hold our beliefs to be true. There is nothing wrong with having beliefs as long as we realize that they are just beliefs and not facts. There is a way out – we can learn to identify and question our closely held beliefs. We examine these beliefs that cause misery directly using a simple process called “Inquiry”. I find “The Work of Byron Katie” a simple, effective tool for doing inquiry. The beliefs and assumptions we carry around with us may have been learned from our families, society and culture. We accepted them as truth even when these beliefs caused us and our loved ones untold suffering and pain.

Mindful Inquiry is about recognizing and removing our perceived obstacles that prevent us from living our lives fully. It is an invitation to identify and gently question those beliefs that stand in the way of our mental health, well-being and happiness.