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I am a psychiatrist who sees people in therapy; individual, couples and family. I do not see anyone only for medications as most common for psychiatrists today. If you and I agree to try medications this is a joint endeavor to enhance our work during a time of crisis. I believe our work is a collaborative effort with a focus on developing a mutual trusting relationship that enables both of us to be curious about what we are experiencing in and outside our safe therapeutic space. I work with folks who have been in extreme states usually secondary to a traumatic childhood background. Sometimes they wish to come off long term medications. This is an arduous process that requires care and building up supports. As we titrate medications unbearable emotions begin to seep in causing distressing times that require concerted efforts for both of us. I believe every individual has the capacity to recover from extreme states and live a life of their choosing. We will work towards achieving that. I believe achieving your goals come through our relationship over time.


836 Farmington Avenue #112, West Hartford, CT 06119, USA