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      The Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care is frequently contacted by people seeking recovery-oriented services for their own or a family member’s mental health challenge. EXCELLENCE is an international Community Foundation raising private philanthropic dollars for innovative research and programs to improve mental health outcomes. We are not a referral agency. We do believe that an important service we can provide is to connect people in need to providers who profess a recovery and wellness-based philosophy and practice. With that goal in mind, we offer this provider directory from which people can locate providers who describe their practices as being focused on mental health recovery and wellness rather than chronicity and illness.

Search our directory to find a recovery-oriented provider in your area. Before you continue, you must agree to the following terms:


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EXCELLENCE Provider Directory – identifies those individuals who practice from these Core Beliefs
, have been confirmed by EXCELLENCE staff to hold the license(s) indicated in their profile directory at the time of application, and have received two positive professional references.


This Provider Resource Directory has been created to support the mission of the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care which is “to promote better mental health outcomes by identifying, developing, and sharing knowledge with the public about mental health care that best helps people recover and live well in society. We promote improvements in mental health care by sponsoring research and the development of programs designed to help people thrive--physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.”

The information in this directory is not official policy of the Foundation and is not intended as medical advice to replace the expertise and judgment of a person’s mental health care team. It is intended solely to help a person and their family make informed decisions, together with their mental health professionals.


While EXCELLENCE makes a reasonable effort to maintain current and accurate Directory information, EXCELLENCE does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, or fitness of the information contained herein for any purpose. By identifying the individual in the Directory, EXCELLENCE does not endorse, approve or guarantee the individual’s services, or any business or other organization with which the individual may be affiliated. EXCELLENCE disclaims all liability and responsibility for any action or decision made in reliance on the information contained herein, or for any actions or inactions of the listed providers with respect to any party, or for any loss or injury. EXCELLENCE is not responsible for listed providers’ compliance with legal requirements related to professional and occupational activities, or otherwise.

It is important for both provider and person seeking services to abide by state laws in providing and receiving services. EXCELLENCE is not liable for any misunderstandings or legal proceedings involved in services and will assume that both parties have checked each other out.

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